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High Tech Toy: International GSM Watch Phone

Watch phones are very practical and futuristic which is why they're here to stay. In
terms of performance many of the
watch phones we have reviewed have a very
quick and high level of responsiveness. Almost all
watch phones are unlocked
meaning that they can be used with overseas networks. For now all
watch phones
are GSM ( Global System for Mobile Communications) technology which is
standard overseas perfect for international traveler's.
3G6 Watch Phone:

This watch phone is a great .  The 3G6 is a fully functional GSM watch phone
courtesy of
3G Watches. Bluetooth ready equipped with mp3, and mp4 player.
At only $215 you get a lot of bang for the buck. Think about. Most mp3 player's
alone cost more then that. You get it all, a cell phone, mp3 player,  video player,
digital and video camera. Visit and check out more multimedia
watch phone models.
New! 3G7
The 3G7 is the hottest watch phone
available on the market and it is a
must-have for the high-fashion,        
high profile trendsetters. This watch
phone is about to explode on the