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The 3G6 series watch phone from 3G Watches
is one of the
best cell phones watches
available. The signal reception of this
watch phone is very reliable. The 3G6 series
is definitely one of my favorite
phones. I've reviewed several mobile watch
phones and I have to say that this one is
one of the top 5
cell phone watches out. The
3G6 Silver and the 3G6 BK are currently the
best selling models in the 3G6 Series.

The speaker phone is very loud and the
quality good. With most
watch phones the
hands free speaker volume is sort of low.
Many customer's rely on the Bluetooth that
comes with the
watch phone that, by the way,
works great. The camera and video recorder
are decent. The MP3 and MP4 player are neat
extra features for those of you who like
toys. Bottom line is that you can't go wrong
with this
watch phone.